virgin confessions

note for new readers–in order to protect the privacy and identities of the innocent, everyone referenced in my blogs is given an alias. 
confession:  i’ve been spoiled-rotten-ruined by the two men i live with. example–saturday morning when i got into my car, i found it washed and vacuumed with a full tank of gas. i didn’t ask either of them to do it and neither took credit. it was simply done for me as regular course of action because they know i feel most loved when other people take care of things i consider chore-some. (much gratitude was showered on them both.)
confession:  grandiva invited me to join a health-goal group several days ago. i’ve debated choosing a goal and joining, except i don’t trust my commitment to any mentally proposed goals, because i’ve already undermined each of my self-suggestions in the past three days. my goals are unrealistic. (not-so-ironic surprise from a supposedly-recovering perfectionist.)
confession:  last week’s lingerie crisis was incipiently responsible for my return to blogging. i’ve addressed the crisis with several purchases in the past week.  some of my online purchases arrived on monday afternoon.  (side note–there are good reasons some clothes are too sexy to buy at walk-in stores.)  there were multiple facets of my crisis–one of which is my tendency/desire to wear lingerie as regular clothing. i try to keep my lingerie on the inside, but sometimes a corset or cami insists on being worn on the outside. that’s just the way it goes, i guess.  ;]
confession:  i’ve deleted the raciest two confessions, because one is illegal and the other is x-rated.  i miss myspace blogging, because illegal and x-rated confessions seemed appropriate in that slice of cyberspace. wordpress feels more grown-up-ish. maybe i’ll get over it, since these are virgin confessions at the new address. 
veteran readers know that their reciprocal confessions are encouraged. newbies, confess away. everyone please remember–there is to be NO COMMENT and NO JUDGMENT made for other people’s confessions. this is a safe place for soul-clearing where instantaneous angel-delivered absolution is guaranteed.

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love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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5 Responses to virgin confessions

  1. Teresa says:

    I love the two men you live with and you. I am SO glad that you are spoiled-rotten-ruined! Everyone should be.

    Confession: I went to a meeting last night that scared the shit out of me. I’ll get over it, but “the rest of your life” is scary.

    Confession: I’m a little psyched that MIL disowned my hubby, but I am so sad for him.

    Confession: I have a chem test tomorrow, but I’d rather stick a hot poker in my eye than go to the last four class sessions prior to being done with this semester. Respit from chem can’t come too quickly.

    Confession: I’m thrilled that I have five more minutes until I punch out today.

    XOXOXO! 🙂

  2. grandiva says:

    Well you could always give up giving up unrealistic expectations. 😉

    Confession: I internally danced a jig when I saw your WordPress address. Love it!

    Confession: although I am excited about losing weight, I secretly fear sagging skin. *shudder*

    Confession: I think I might be boring people to death since all I talk about now is yoga and recite Paulo Coelho, but fuck it. I’m sure most yogis, nor Paulo would say that… Or might they…? LOL

    Love you.

  3. pixie sister says:

    confession: i have been freaking out lately and don’t feel like i can tell my closest friends why because i fear they will try to rescue me and that is secretly what i want.

    confession: i am doing what i needed to do 10 years ago-repairing cell depletion in about every area/vitamin deficiency one can imagine. here’s hoping my body isn’t 10 years too old to recover easily. (i think i’ve joined the health-goal group inadvertently!)

    confession: my mood is swinging so fast i can’t believe i can feel multiple opposite emotions/thought paradigms in one breath. thank goodness i’ve learned not to make major life or death decisions during such times [or during mercury retrograde 🙂 ]

    confession: the surprise when i got home, a jigsaw and a mouse sander dressed up by my honey-honey like a mouse with paper ears, eyes, and whiskers , sparked my gratitude like nothing else has in quite a while. bless honey-honeys and power tools!

  4. LoneStarGirl says:

    i love your musings…and i love that you allow confessions from others.

    confession: i thought i could keep my heart on the fringe of a relationship, but have realized that no matter how much i try that, i still end up emotionally entangled.

  5. Tamika says:

    Belated confession: I just shed tears over my friend’s loss of her father today (her plane landed a few moments too late). He’d just married his long-time love 6 days before. My tears were for him and for the possibility of the same happening to me.

    Morbid confession: I believe I have figured out why my mother, brother, and I are in Houston… MD Anderson. I had a revelation yesterday about it when seeing a commercial for the hospital, as my family history with cancer is long.

    Confession: I know I’m emotional because it’s my time of the month. I can’t help but think this is my most honest week out of the four.

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