wtf and tulip confessions

confession:  i’m writing fiction in bite-size chunks every day in may.  for the first time in months, writing is fun again.
confession:  last night i had a “wtf?” moment of clarity about myself.  WTF have i been doing, choosing, creating, pursuing, and to what end?  in the instant flash of sanity, i recognized my compromised integrity, undermined essential nature, and dishonored values resulting from my choices. today i woke up committed to externalized core congruency.
confession:  yesterday i had a kiwi memory that made me smile (first time that has happened in 2010).  for seven seconds i considered emailing him and sharing the smile-inspiring memory, but then i remembered everything else that transpired between us…and i put him out of my mind.
confession: i bought myself tulips yesterday.  i was looking for pale pink ones…fragile soft soft soft soft wispy pink tulips.  i went to several places, looking for the right ones.  in the end, i didn’t buy pale pink.  i almost bought yellow-rimmed happy orange ones because they gaggle-of-chatty-girls giggled from their stamens.  finally, after much internal debate, i purchased a big bunch of bright hot pink ones.  looking at them now, i realize i’m not as fragile soft soft soft as i thought when i sought pale pink tulips. the truth of me is that i am vibrantly bold like the 30 hot pink ones in two vases on the bar.

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love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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5 Responses to wtf and tulip confessions

  1. renee says:

    Confession: I am addicted to linens and bedding. I have more than I will ever need. I could easily outfit at least one other, possibly two other families with linens. Yesterday I bought a beautiful toile summer quilt just to make myself feel better. They say things don’t make you happy. But buying that quilt and sheets (oh yeah, had to buy new sheets too) made me really, really happy.

  2. stacy says:

    confession: skipped an obligatory meeting because i had an upset stomach. my stomach was upset because i didn’t want to go. tummy feels much better now.
    confession: started my first ever short story today. my character is much saltier and complex than i thought.
    confession: i seem drawn to dark literary fiction but live a bright romantic life.
    confession: i must shave my legs today.

  3. ZilkerLibra says:

    confession: I’m horny and I have a hot date tonight. Yippy!

    confession: I drank too much last night and I have not been very productive today.

    confession: I have many, many, many WTF have i been doing, choosing, creating, pursuing, and to what end moments. . . I still have no answers.

  4. LoneStarGirl says:

    confession: i love tulips and buy them for myself all the time, though i do wish some men would pay attention and buy them for me.

    confession: i looked at my ex-fiance’s facebook page today. surprisingly it didn’t make me as sad as i thought it would. it would have been a mistake if we had married.

    confession: the choices i have made these past three weeks have not been good for my soul in the long run, but i did have so much fun while partaking in them at the time.

  5. Stella says:

    I love your pink.

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