an exercise

an exercise: open a new word document on your computer or write yourself a note on your iphone.  for five uninterrupted minutes write “i want (fill in the blank).”  write and write and write a list of things you want.
do it NOW.  do it before you read mine.  come on, kiddo…what else ya gonna do for the next five minutes? chop-chop, darlin’. write what you want. it only takes five minutes.
my list:
i want peace.
i want gentleness.
i want kindness.
i want less stuff.
i want more love–especially to give, especially for people it is difficult for me to love, especially for my mother, especially for people i dislike because they reflect what is darkest in me.
i want more sleep.
i want forgiveness.
i want late-night adventures (solo or accompanied) for inspiration.
i want stronger creative bursts, streaks, and flashes.
i want more kisses ~ all kinds of kisses: platonic friendly kisses, kitty cat whiskery kisses, quick pecks on the cheek, slow wet passionate kisses.
i want longer hugs. i want to hold on and be held. please don’t let go.
i want to forget the past.
i want to apply what i’ve learned.
i want to be lighter, sweeter, brighter, easier, quieter.
i want silence.
i want deep listening.
i want to heal what hurts.
i want to offer you the best of me.

About angel joy

love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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2 Responses to an exercise

  1. Jen says:

    I want to give you a big ‘ol hug the next time I see you.

  2. anisum says:

    I want to go to France with my best friend.
    I want to go to Italy with my Love.
    I want to have money to do this.
    I want to write a book based on my thesis. I want it to be successful.
    I want bees. I want chickens. I want a dog who carries all my tools and protects my chickens from scary raccoons.
    I want my Love.
    I want to ditch my obsessions for new ones that bring peace and compassion into the world.
    I want to be pregnant.
    I want to be good at something. I want to be good at it and to get paid for it. Paid reasonably well. (I secretly want recognition for what I’m good at.)
    I want a house full of mosaics.
    I want to love all the time, me and everyone and everything.
    I want to create something beautiful.
    I want enlightenment, but not the transcendent kind- the, I’m here on earth, among all the shit and I’m okay with it, because you know what? Shit is okay.

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