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in college i met a girl defined by grace, truth, and beauty. sitting or walking or talking, doing nothing or anything, she embodied those qualities. we were together often and when i paused to admire her, she exuded her natural grace and remained un-self-conscious while i mingled with … Continue reading

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gratitude list

listening to music i’ve never heard before clean sheets washed car laughing cow light cheese triangles (any flavor) mental conversations with my long-dead grandpa kitties my best friend’s dog the color pink wearing a sexy red dress with nothing underneath dancing … Continue reading

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resistant confession

confession:  the following is the confession i’ve been holding back for two weeks. it has hung in my throat, corseted my heart, and tripped me in the dark.    premise:  false core beliefs spawn distorted thinking leading to warped feelings resulting in dysfunctional … Continue reading

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motivating change

i’ve been thinking about my life, reviewing it in rewind and fast forward, noting how i’ve changed in the past several years and visualizing who i want to be in the future.  i’ve had plenty of time to think about it, since i’ve … Continue reading

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without name

there are people who see me every week that don’t know my name.  lots of people.  the little guy at the grocery store who seems to do everything and nothing, mostly smiling and greeting shoppers, but not at the front … Continue reading

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confessing incorrectly

confession:  this is the second week in a row that i’ve resisted confessing.  last week i didn’t know what and why i was resisting when i began confessing.  i discovered the what and why in the midst of confessing.  i’ve … Continue reading

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long enough for humbling

life is long.  i learned the true length of life from my birthday twin whose grandmother taught her.  i didn’t believe it the first several times she told me.  she knew i didn’t believe it.  i believed life was lightning flash brief.  … Continue reading

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