gratitude list

listening to music i’ve never heard before
clean sheets
washed car
laughing cow light cheese triangles (any flavor)
mental conversations with my long-dead grandpa
my best friend’s dog
the color pink
wearing a sexy red dress with nothing underneath
dancing (especially a *little* saucy with a few regular dance partners)
campbell’s chicken noodle soup
imagining an always brighter future
a.k. and shaz
learning more about people i love so that i can love them better
letting go
deep listening
moonlight, candlelight, starlight, diffuse sunlight behind clouds
climbing trees
all the blues of the caribbean sea
tokyo in the rain, paris in the rain, rome in the rain, and sunny london
double rainbows
surfing a LONG wave
stretching my hamstrings
hooked in a book (reading or writing)
getting other than what i thought i wanted that turns out better
soul love
sharing money with well-deserving people who don’t expect it
simple solutions to “problems”
chosen family
new innocently flirty crush
la lengua (spanish)
second chances
infinite opportunities to learn, grow, do and be better-higher-kinder
handwritten letters (sending and receiving them)
costumes (and wearing costumes at occasions other than halloween)
italian patchouli (which can only be purchased in florence and paris)
laughing to tears
what’s on your list?

About angel joy

love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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3 Responses to gratitude list

  1. anisum says:

    (First I thought you wrote “clean streets” and I thought, “hey me too! I am so grateful for clean streets!” I never knew that I loved clean streets until I visited NYC. I had no idea a place could be so filthy. Country girl in me is not used to so much litter. I didn’t understand why people who seemed to love their city so much could take such rotten care of it. I loved Austin so much more when I came back.)

    So my grateful list:
    -Clean streets
    -moments of inspiration
    -ginger chews
    -time to ferment things
    -friends I can kiss, and cuddle, and flirt and hold them on my lap and nuzzle in their neck
    -living on the third floor where I am eye level with tree branches and can watch the hummingbirds and chickadees and squirrels argue
    -backpacks that clasp around my waist and chest and make me feel like i’m in a perpetual hug
    -my book the “flavour bible”
    -my scooter, especially for costing only $125 to tune up and $3 to fill up
    – my mom and dad (not sure where that came from, but i’ll honour that)
    -people who by just being themselves inspire me to be a more compassionate and open hearted person (people like you)

  2. GranDiva says:

    -abundance of love from incredible people
    -diva sisters
    -homemade cupcakes
    -a new yoga studio
    -a sense of renewal with the start of a new scholastic year
    -a fantastic career
    -phenomenal colleagues who I like enough to drink with
    -my work husband and after work girlfriend
    -former students who send me love
    -classes that are perfect for me with excellent students
    -the random email that I got from a dropout saying she graduated, and was in college
    -music from Andalusia, Argentina, and Brazil
    -my child who likes me and I actually like her back
    -great stories–real and fiction
    -Paulo Coelho
    -passing my PPR (certification) exam on the first try 🙂

  3. spontaneous choreography says:

    In April, I made a gratitude list to carry in my purse. From time to time, my hand would come across it while digging for some other, less delightful treasure. It was a reminder to focus on the good things. I believe that list to be lost now…and know that some items have lost their importance, replaced by better things.

    Before you posted this, I had decided to come up with a new list. I still haven’t taken the time, but I promise, the next time I feel small and quiet and alone, I will remember to make my new list….I can start by telling you how grateful I am for you.

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