confessions on the cusp of scorpio

confession:  in my perma-quest for less stuff, i filled three bags from my closet last saturday (mostly shoes) and donated them. if you’re looking to buy size 9 stilettos, hurry to the shelves of austin-area goodwill stores.
confession:  i’m tracking the delivery progress of my birthday boots via u.p.s. the boots are scheduled to arrive today while i’m scheduled to be elsewhere-than-home. in reaction to this, my face looks like the unsmiley face emoticon. 
confession:  i have a habit of rescheduling appointments, but some can’t be rescheduled, in which case, i have to show up or miss them. i miss most appointments (particularly social engagements) that can’t be rescheduled. i rarely regret that choice. 
confession: i think my right eyelid is beginning to saggy crease in a 37-year-old way. or maybe i’m just tired. this is another reason to avoid looking in the mirror. i don’t need to notice or care if my age is starting to show.
confession: last thursday night, for the first time in my life, a stranger guessed my age correctly. when i was a kid, people assumed i was older. as an adult, people have historically guessed me to be younger…until last thursday. i don’t want this to bother me. it bothers me plenty. and what bothers me most is that it bothers me at all.
confession: because of a nightmare and cat puke, i didn’t do anything i had planned yesterday. or, those are my excuses. i don’t want to make excuses. rationalizing and justifying to myself wastes the energy that would more productively be invested in doing the thing, rather than defending why i didn’t.
confession: i’m withholding the biggest confession this week. the details of my life that i don’t confess are transmuted into fiction stories, which explains why i burn most of my fiction. (that was a bigger confession than the one i withheld.)

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9 Responses to confessions on the cusp of scorpio

  1. stacy says:

    confession: i do not like confrontation. i do not like having to keep my opinions to myself. these run counter and i therefore have to confront or shut up.

    confession: sometimes silence is not golden; it is cowardice.

    confession: i let my characters say the things i want to. i do not burn it. sometimes i wonder if i should though.

    confession: i was thinking of you yesterday when a speeding taxi cab nearly collided into me. i was trying to remember if you wanted hot pink or purple on the reverse side of that cape you covet.

    confession: they are indoctrinating my sweet baby girl. i struggle with how to counter that without making her the brunt of religious intolerance.

    confession: i struggle with how much to push and how much to just let be on my oldest’s hesitance to drive. i do not want co-dependency, yet i also do not want to force her to participate in actions she is not comfortable with. i have a feeling lots of time will be spent on country roads. More time to bond and giggle!

  2. stacy says:

    confession: i just realized, while looking at the header for your blog, the reason why i have such a hard time confessing…it’s a different form of getting nekkid! 😉

  3. Teresa says:

    confesstion: I keep writing you letters in my head and then never get them on paper to get them to you. I’m wondering if you already know what they say.

    confession: I’m sick of other people’s crazy. I have enough crazy of my own right now, and I don’t want theirs, but I still want to be me and feel guilty if I don’t show up for other people in my life.

    confession: Four classes is too many for one semester.

    confession: Sven has been so, so awesome lately and I haven’t made enough time for him. It makes me really sad. We just made plans to watch a movie tonight. 🙂

    confession: I miss you TONS! Love you TONS too!

  4. grandiva says:

    Confession: I’ve been waiting for this post since yesterday.

    Confession: confessing here is awesome because I can be naked, whereas on my blog I feel that I have to reveal + give sage words.

    Confession: I realize how egotistical the previous confession sounds, but a) it’s not if you get me, and b) if it were, who cares? My blog.

    Ha. I wasn’t planning on the above confessions.

    Confession: my girlfriend and my daughter broke my heart on the same day (Monday). Neither knows about the other. that said, I’ve chosen to lovingly accept my daughter’s deception. I never want to talk to the girlfriend again.

    Confession: I’ve suppressed the urge to say “fuck off and die” for 24 hours, thus my desperate waiting for this post. 🙂

    Confession: I am actually happy for a refocusing in on my priorities and needs, which I’ve neglected for 3 years. I’m excited about that, though I’ve lost a friend and lover to do it.

  5. LoneStarGirl says:

    confession: i look forward to your posts with delicious anticipation

    and the other isn’t quite a confession, but when i was a kid people always guessed i was older and now people guess younger. interesting how that works. i love that people think i am younger, but i still see myself getting older physically and it bothers me. 😦

  6. Kimberly says:

    Confession: I actually spent money on myself. AND I don’t feel guilty (you knowing me the way you do you realize what a big, big, big deal this is). I placed my order yesterday, my happy-joy gift will arrive today. I CAN NOT WAIT TO GET HOME!!!

    Confession: Things had been going SO much better with my oldest until Sunday afternoon when the 14 year old angsty-pretentious-snobby child reemerged. She can be just so full of herself sometimes but I have to remind myself that she’ll either outgrow it, or outgrow living with me. Either way tensions will ease.

    Confession: I saw the very first “lines that bothered me” around my eyes in a recent photograph lately. I wish I could say I shrugged it off but honestly I erased them in photoshop.

    Confession: I really need more sleep.

    Confession: I have been craving shrimp spring rolls from my favorite Vietnamese place for two weeks now. I know that isn’t a real confession but I want them SO MUCH!

  7. pixie sister says:

    confession: i love how we balance each other. i get excited about every new wrinkle i see and i look at them often.

    confession: i obviously need to learn more about teaching, delegating, and managing. i still like the results better when i just do it myself.

    confession: i am having an extremely hard time not thinking about work all the time this week.

    confession: in league with the national rate, half of the 6 couples i’ve been bridesmaid for are divorced. that’s not really a confession. just a fact.

    confession: i am now a state registered domestic partner. it does not feel like marriage and i think everyone should have this option as well as marriage. it feels weird when people say congratulations. hence, we are telling very few people b/c we don’t want it to take away from when we do get married. i somehow feel like a more responsible person now.

  8. Confession: I am secretly impressed and envious of the plus one set of boots and minus three bags of shoes achievement and would love you to explain the process to more people.

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