some suggestions

one thing: trust yourself. trust your guts. trust your intuition. trust the tingle in your lips. trust the hackles raising on your neck. trust the sincerity in someone’s voice. trust every teeny moment that opens your heart.

another thing: breathe deeply. we walk around breathing shallowly, nearly holding our breath, almost suffocating without realizing it. breathe deeply. enjoy the exhale. pause between breaths. feel the inhale rush to fill you with everything you could possibly need right this second. if you breathe, you can do anything else you need to do. everything flows more easily buoyed on a deep breath.

a third thing: play. whatever brings you the most pleasure, the sweetest joy, do that. play. play everyday. play extra today. call a friend and invite them to play. call to the deepest recesses of your imagination and discover new ways to play. let play tag the edges of your work. invite play to frolic in your nightly sleeping dreams. let play scrub you with sudsy bubbles in the shower. play with your food. play with your hair. play with your fingers and toes. play with the pen and pad of paper begging for doodles.

a fourth thing: express your gratitude. tell everyone thank you, especially for the little things you’ve habitually taken for granted. thank the bagger at the grocery store. thank the person clearing tables at your usual lunch joint. thank the bartender at happy hour. leave a generous tip. call your brother and thank him for helping you move to your new place that one time fifteen years ago. call your sister and thank her for letting you borrow that dress to wear to your ex-boyfriend’s wedding right after college, the slinky one accenting your cleavage. thank people for the past as well as the present. thank the people in advance that you know will support you in the future. say “thank you” at least four dozen times today. thank everyone you can think of.

thank you for being here. now go play. remember to breathe. trust yourself.


About angel joy

love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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2 Responses to some suggestions

  1. pixie sister says:

    thanks for encouraging me to play! today when my honey-honey asked me for a hug i pulled her down on top of me where i was lying on the couch. whoo hoo! (yes that is considered play when one has the flu.) love you!

  2. loveisastar says:

    In a terrible terrible mood this morning. Felt very disconnected from my inner fire when I most needed it. Tead your blog, which reminded me to play, something I hold as one my most core values. I haven’t played in over 10 days, being at home so sick. Decided to call a friend and go out to dinner. It was so so wonderful. It lit me up. I thanked her many times. And now I thank you.

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