it has been a long time coming and it hasn’t arrived yet, but it is closer. closer. it smells like cinnamon swirled into hot baking bread accompanied by flour, butter, and sugar in a neighbor’s kitchen, seeping through the walls, permeating the air. i climb closer, hiking a mountain toward the peak that appears nearer than it is, but i know if i keep climbing upward, eventually i will reach the pinnacle. i feel like the cat crouching in the grass at night hunting the grasshopper that crouches lower still, neither cat nor grasshopper moving, pouncing, leaping. both sitting, waiting for something to happen. my life is filled with all of these and separate from them as well. i’ve kept a distance between life and myself, between my fiery passions and my highly flammable silky heart. i’ve been afraid to burn, but i’ve struck a match and set fire to other things, watching them smolder and smoke. i can do more. i can burn brighter. i can light wilder fires and heighten the flames and burn without smoke and leave nothing but ashes that mix with rain and make the soil fertile to grow taller trees in new forests and flowers that entice butterflies and bees. i’m closer. i smell the cinnamon. the peak of the mountain raises ahead. the cat has pounced. the grasshopper has hopped. the race has begun, a race that i’ll win either way. i’m closer. the fires have been lit.

About angel joy

love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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One Response to closer

  1. pixie sister says:

    i can burn brighter too. seriously. my fire is burning to burn. let’s burn brighter!

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