what inspires me today

these words inspire me to write:
“great big, gasping, groaning, slurping, sucking, moaning, jubilantly insane love; that waltz you dirty, hold you to the ceiling, push you up against the brick wall love; that clanking, spewing, honking, cotton candy-coloured, tuba large, tom-tom patterned, choo-choo train whooshing through the tunnel love….”
–Zsuzsi Gartner from ‘How to Survive in the Bush”

 these words inspire me to uncomplicate my life:
“Everything should be as simple as possible, and no simpler.”
–Albert Einstein

 this question inspires me to action:
“What am I more curious about than afraid of?”
–Dawna Markova

 these words reassure me:
“You’ve done better than you know, you’ve helped more than you realize, and you’re closer than you think.”
–Maria Lado

last week i had the opportunity to make a difference, a small difference, with ripple effects. i sent a text message which happened to contain exactly what someone else needed to hear. he texted me back the next day, thanking me. i read what he wrote, i reread what i had sent him, and i wrote him some more. a few nights later, i needed help. i texted him again. he texted me the next day with these words: “chin up, kiddo. moonbeams and rainbows.” his words lifted my day, my attitude, my heart. sometimes it is the smallest kindness that makes the biggest difference. this significant, simple, easy truth inspires me on the hardest days. i can always be at least a little kind, even when i’m being especially hard on myself.


About angel joy

love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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One Response to what inspires me today

  1. pixie sister says:

    Story in a Marianne Williamson book:
    “One of my girlfriends called me and said she had had a date with someone she really liked. The next week she called and said he had broken a date with her to go out of town and and she didn’t like him after all. ‘I won’t take that from anyone,’ she said, ‘I’m ready for a relationship.’
    ‘No you’re not ready for a relationship’ I told her. ‘Not if another person isn’t allowed to make a mistake, you’re not.'”
    This morning this story helped me be kinder to myself after crying a lot yesterday about a mistake I made in school. I am in a relationship with myself for the rest of my life. I need room to make mistakes!

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