perfect timing

books, like friends and pets and lovers, enter our lives at precisely the moment you need them. you may wait a long time before they breeze, float, or parade into your life, thinking you need them or something like them or something else or just something for quite a while before they arrive. but they show up right on time. never too late. never too soon. sometimes it seems that they’re tardy, that they would’ve made a greater positive impact if they had come along earlier, but it isn’t true. had they arrived earlier, you wouldn’t have been ready to receive their gifts. you wouldn’t have noticed, seen, heard, or recognized the book, friend, pet, or lover as one meant for you. sometimes it seems that they walked into your life prematurely, before you were ready, before you could appreciate what was offered. but that isn’t true either. the timing is perfect. the timing is always perfect. the time is always right now.

i read a book in perfect timing today. it was sent to me by a friend for my birthday last year. it sat on my shelf for 11 months. i tried reading it twice before. today i began again, reading from cover to cover. it was all i did today, all i could do. my car needs to go to the shop, because it is too dangerous to drive until its brokenness is fixed. i didn’t want to deal with the car, so i stayed home and read all day. i read the book that was perfect for me to read today. i read the book that is now ready for delivery to the next person for whom it will arrive in perfect timing.

i’m waiting for the next new book, new friend, new pet, and new lover to appear in my life. everything arrives in perfect timing. for now, it is time to read the books already on my shelf and to love the friends, pets, and lovers already in my heart.


About angel joy

love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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