confessions while a baby is birthing

confession: in my perception of the world, florida is a different country, cuban coffee is a hard-core drug, screen-covered pool enclosures are brilliant, hurricanes can’t touch live oaks with drapes of spanish moss because live oaks are the strongest, oldest, most majestic trees in the south.

confession: this week i’ve met people who instantly loved me because of my connection to someone they love. i loved them for the same reason. if we realized that we are connected with everyone it would be easily automatic to instantly love everyone we meet.

confession: i get snippy when i need sleep, food, or alone time.

confession: peanut butter and jelly on white bread is what the little girl inside me wants for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. i never buy white bread, but sometimes it comes with the barbecue that ends up in my fridge.

confession: at this moment a new baby i’ll love throughout my life is making its entrance into the world. this child’s mother had her labor induced at 7:30 a.m. i’m waiting all day to hear that both mother and child are safe and healthy. if i lived 1,200 miles north, i’d be waiting with her at the hospital. we’re scared. we’re excited. scared and excited feel almost the same.

confession: i keep booking trips away from home. i’m running away from what is familiar and painful. i’m running to whatever is new and distracting.



About angel joy

love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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2 Responses to confessions while a baby is birthing

  1. complete says:

    confession: i doubt myself. i doubt others. i doubt….

    confession: i remember 17. 17 is hard. it is hard to watch 17 year old pain whether i am the teen or the mother.

    confession: all is love or an appeal for love. i am learning to try to look at others and myself knowing this. i am a average learner with flashes of brilliance.

    confession: i am replacing pity with power.

    confession: i am learning that i play mediator too often. i need to disappear and let others work things out for themselves more often. this is soooo hard for me. i remind myself that control is an illusion…

    i love you.

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