i believe in four kinds of luck: charmed people who are born lucky at most things most of the time, beginner’s luck, random luck that can strike anyone or anywhere in occasional instances, and the luck you make for yourself. since i have no influence on the first three types of luck, i direct my energy to making as much luck for myself as i can. in honor of lucky irish st.paddy’s day, i’ll tell you my secret for making luck: gratitude. i scan my world for things to give thanks for. i make an effort to gratefully show up in the world to receive more good stuff. today’s gratitude list follows. everything on this list is something i’ve been lucky to experience in the past 24 hours. i think you’ll agree that i am very lucky. 

i’m grateful for free breakfast tacos, that first smile when a friend you haven’t seen in a while notices you standing across the bar, the first, second, and third hug from that friend you haven’t seen in a while, great stage lighting, free gift with purchase, bluebonnets, celebrating half-birthdays, sleeping diagonally across an extra-large bed, clean sheets, when someone other than me vacuums the floors, a full tank of gas, giving someone a present he or she truly wants, the white creamy frosting spread on cinnamon rolls, text messages from a friend traveling in tokyo who took a picture where the two of us ate a giant peach together seven years ago, coffee dates, fresh flowers in a vase, not a single sneeze, warm vanilla body scrub, fancy perfume, wearing my favorite shirt, pink socks, hours slept without nightmares, and beginning a new book by a superb storyteller.

i bet you are luckier than you might realize. please take a moment to scan your world for the things that have happened in the past 24 hours, 24 days, or 24 years that you are grateful for.



About angel joy

love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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