there was a dearth of flowers in my world for a while, and now a flood. new flowers arrive almost daily. yesterday i received gladiolas. if you’ve never received gladiolas, then you’d probably be unprepared with the proper vase to hold them. a tall, hefty, heavy vase works best for gladiolas. i once had a proper vase to fit gladiolas, but it disappeared during a massive purge of stuff a few moves ago. yesterday i improvised with liquor bottles that hadn’t made it to the recycling bin yet.

i bought gladiolas for others for a decade before i received them as a gift. i didn’t realize when giving them how much i was asking of the receiver to contain them. i bought them because they’re huge, multiples-to-a-bunch, and cheap. i figured that with flowers, bigger is better, more is better, and i could buy even more if they’re cheap. once i’d experienced the thick and tall-stalked responsibility of displaying gladiolas that were given to me, i became more conscientious about when and to whom i gave them.

in the several years since i had given or received gladiolas, i’d forgotten that each day brings new blooms. today twice as many flowers have unfolded from the three foot stalks than were open yesterday. i am surrounded by blooming flower magic. i’m surprised how much happiness loosens in my heart when i look around my living room and see them in every corner. i’m surprised by any and every happiness, especially a multiplying simple kind of happiness that surges to bless me more and more frequently.

i want to buy you all gladiolas. i want to provide you with tall hefty heavy ceramic vases painted with abstract waterfalls of colors. i want to give you this magic happiness that doubles its blooms overnight for a few nights in a row. i want to see your face when you realize how easily you can let yourself be loved more, feel more joy, and appreciate magic awaiting you in every common moment.



About angel joy

love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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One Response to gladiolas

  1. Jen says:

    Ah man, I love you and your color, and your love.

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