you are an angel

my favorite moment of any day is when someone looks into my eyes and says, “wow, you really ARE an angel.” yes, i am. so are you. but do you know that you are an angel? do you consciously choose to angel-serve the world by angel-serving the people you love, the people who annoy you, the people you don’t know that pass across your path each day? do you hold the door for the person entering the store behind you? do you pick up what was dropped by the person in line in front of you? do you smile at the crabby child in the shopping cart to distract her from her crabbiness and make her mother’s moment slightly easier? do you give the tired mom an empathetic smile for her tiredness and tell her that her child is precious? do you look into the eyes of the homeless panhandler on the corner, and whether or not you give the panhandler money, do you truly see the person who stands before you and acknowledge their challenges? do you tell the old man hobbling with a cane that he looks handsome in his sunday suit? do you speak in your soothing voice to the barking dog behind the fence? do you give the insecure fretting woman in the restaurant bathroom fussing with her hair a sincere compliment about her beautiful dress? do you say “i’m sorry” when you unintentionally hurt your friend, your sister, your mother? do you explain when and why your feelings have been hurt, and can you communicate hurt feelings without anger? do you text your cousin an “i miss you” message because the little kids climbing the tree remind you of running around your grandmother’s backyard together? do you buy flowers for the friend who is going through a divorce, an illness, or caretaking for a dying parent? do you pen handwritten love letters in the middle of the night and stick them into your lover’s laptop case? do you light a candle for the friend who committed suicide twenty years ago, even though you aren’t catholic and you don’t believe in purgatory or hell? do you pray in your own way, whatever form that prayer takes, when you watch the sky change from blue to orange to pink during sunset? do you share what you have with others, whether food, home, car, money, skills? do you strive to do your best and be your best and live from your heart? if you do any of these things or a zillion other things, then you are an angel. decide how you want to serve as an angel to whomever is near you in the next hour. thank you for angeling to me.


About angel joy

love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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