resolutions for 2013

take piano lessons.

improve my pool game.

dance in new styles at new venues.

give up diet coke, for real, because my soon-to-be-single kidney needs support and as few taxing agents as possible.

for the same reason as above, drink only the best tequila sparingly.

spend more time with both best friends plus my boy best friend.

forget him. the one i wish i had never met.

live this year as if it is my last. live this year intentionally loving and letting go.

maybe go to costa rica, maybe bali, maybe back to southeast asia, maybe to all of them.

go to fort lauderdale in april to see the giant sea turtles laying eggs on the shore.

solo road trips. many solo road trips.

drink a lot of herbal tea.

give thanks each day.

get rid of half of my stuff. i’m always happier with less stuff.

write at least two love letters each week.

blog three times a week.

pay attention.

show up.

be nice to myself.

flirt. innocently flirt.

ask for help when i need it.

let people help me.

accept more invitations.

stop holding back tears.

tell the truth (even when the truth is difficult or messy).

forgive myself for everything (especially since most of it was never my fault or responsibility in the first place).

love you more.


About angel joy

love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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