i threw out my high school yearbooks today. i don’t know why i’ve kept them this long. i hated high school.

i booked reservations at big bend national park for three weeks after my surgery, because i expect to be recovered. i went to big bend last year with someone who didn’t want to go but didn’t tell me that he didn’t want to go until months after our stressfully unsatisfying trip. this year i’m going with someone who loves me, national parks, and hiking. this year i’m staying at a lodge inside the park. this year i’m living and traveling and practicing what honors my true essence.

in the past year and a half i’ve been to florida three times. because of my traveling companion, i was unable to do, see, and experience most of what i desired while i was in florida. to cheer me up (because i’ve been sickly dark the past several weeks), wizard booked flights to florida in april for us to see giant turtles laying their eggs on the coast and to adventurously wander wherever my heart delights.

my ex-wife’s college boyfriend is one of my favorite people i’ve ever met. he moved to austin two years ago. he texted me today to ask if i need anything for my surgery next week. he told me that he “would literally do anything for [me].” he means it. i haven’t spoken with him since my ex-wife and i split, because for the past twenty-two years my interactions with him have always included her. it is time for me to let him lovingly support me and continue my friendship with him without her.

last friday i was annoyed with my therapist because she didn’t chose the therapeutic option i prefer. 36 hours and three shots of sochu later i figured out why she applied her method. she was right. she’s a good therapist. she’s got 30+ years experience dealing with clients that have histories like mine. i can trust her judgment. i will trust her from now on.



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One Response to redemption

  1. pixie sister says:

    yay trust! that is wonderful to hear. how lucky for you, to find one to trust. love you.

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