the alphabet game

resonance. romance. rectify. renounce. remuneration. 

those were the first words i thought of that began with the letter “r.” i play this alphabet game with myself to trick myself into revealing my subconscious.  pick any letter and write down the first several words that come to mind. then take a breath and let those words connect to reveal the story of your subconscious. 

let’s play together now. pick up a pen and piece of paper. think of words that begin with the letter “b.” go. 

(really, go. do it. stop reading. write down the first several words you think of that begin with the letter “b.”) 

beaumonts, bicycle, bathroom, banana, boat. 

i love the beaumonts. (if you haven’t heard or seen them and you groove on raunchy southern country rock, i recommend that you check out i’d do drugs in the bathroom with the beaumonts. i’d ride a bicycle while on drugs with the beaumonts. i’d share a banana with a beaumont the day after doing drugs. (the fruit, not the innuendo.) i’d throw a boat party and invite the beaumonts to play, especially if they brought the drugs, bicycles, and bananas. 

i’m pretty sure your “b” words differed from mine, and even if we chose some of the same “b” words that your story is different from mine. (the beaumonts don’t appeal to everyone, but i love ’em.) 

let’s pick another letter. ready, set, go with “k.” 

karma, kentucky, kickball, kimchi. 

i’m hungry and craving kimchi. i’m a decent kickball player and have a secret desire to start a a late-night drunk kickball league. i’ve never been to kentucky, but i love tennessee.   

these last two examples are simplistic representations of my subconscious. yours might be more complex. pick the first letter that appears in your mind. today i picked “r” and “r” lead me to my unwinding subconscious processing at present. my heart resonates with a new romance that is rectifying a relationship i’ve renounced. the remuneration for any relationship is the lesson learned. i’m learning to give and receive more love. i’m ready to give. i’m ready to receive. i’m ready to play. 

thank you for playing with me.




About angel joy

love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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One Response to the alphabet game

  1. pixie sister says:

    boring, bouncy, beautiful. hmmm, that may be the description of me lately.
    the first k words i thought of actually started with c.
    rough, rowdy, ringbearer. i’ll let you be the judge 😉
    i love you!

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