if i like you, i’ll tell you within the first few weeks (often the first night) of knowing you that i’m a genius. an actual i.q. tested genius. i’ll tell you because i don’t trust you to figure out for yourself how smart i am (which is vain of me and exhibits rudeness toward you). i also don’t think it is fair for you to be caught unaware that i make connections with super-speed and remember almost everything. being smart is something i take for granted and something i’ve never trusted. i’m too stupid to be that smart. way too stupid. intelligence quotient tests measure memory, cultural exposure, and the ability to make connections. i’ve got that stuff plus other brain boosters. i’ve even got common sense. but i don’t have the smarts to stay out of trouble when i recognize trouble walking toward me with a net, duct tape, and a bullwhip. i’m not smart enough to stay away from people who repeatedly hurt me. i’m too stupid (and stubborn) to stop beating myself up in the same old boring and predictable ways. luckily, being smart ain’t the treasure my insecure and vain little ego once believed. these days i value kindness over intelligence. behaving kindly feels better than being smart ever did. i have some extra-smart genius friends, too. their kindness offers more supportive love and compassionate acceptance than their genius ever could.

like a smarty pants, i’ve been looking for new definitions of genius. here’s the one that touches me as wisest and true:
“Genius is the ability to receive from the universe.”
–I Ching

i don’t know what your i.q. is and i don’t care. i care how much kindness your heart extends. i care how gently you respond to your own mistakes. i care how long it takes you to forgive yourself and to forgive me. i care how humbly you ask for help. i care how generously you give help to others. i care how passionately you reveal your dreams, needs, and desires. i care how much time you spend each day loving and being loved. i care how brightly you shine. i care how much light dances in your eyes when you smile. i care how often you laugh. i care that you cultivate joy and practice peace. i care how deeply you breathe, how sweetly you sing, how vigorously you dance. i care that you receive all the blessings this life brings to your lips, eyes, nose, ears, toes, and fingertips. you are a genius for openly receiving what the universe delivers to you. i gratefully learn from you.



About angel joy

love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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One Response to genius

  1. Teresa says:

    For the record, I love that you’re a genius AND for all of the all the other reasons I’ve told you! Who else would I be able to call if not you? 😉 I love you, Smarty Pants!

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