make it count. remember when you wake up each day: this is your life.
don’t waste another second being sad for what is over and who has gone.
stop crying. seriously, stop crying. you’ve cried enough. more tears won’t help you more.
you’re alright. you’re better than alright. you’re shedding what and who and where your life doesn’t work. you’re lighter than you’ve ever been. your life gets easier from here if you let it. your life becomes more honest, more real, more vibrant if you let people see you, know you, love you, if you tell them some of those horrible secrets you’ve been hiding that only seem horrible to you and make you more vulnerably lovable to everyone else.
please pay attention: you can go where you want. you can do what you want. you can live where you want. you always could, but now you are free from the restrictions you once accepted from others. now you are free.
what will you do with your freedom?
where will you go?
with whom will you choose to spend your time? choose carefully. (the influence of other people can jack you up.)
choose to be alone for as long as you can stand it. (which is a long time, i know.)
but don’t spend so much time alone that you forget how to interact with other people. (because you’ve done that before.)
choose silence. choose silence until it is time to speak.
choose to be with others in silence. you don’t have to be alone to choose silence.
choose light. you’ve explored the darkness, gotten lost, and found your way out.
choose what’s good for you. want what’s good for you. you know damn well what’s good for you, and it isn’t necessarily the same thing that’s good for everyone else. some people can’t drink beer in the morning. some people are allergic to eggs (or choose to be vegan). you can drink a beer in the morning with your eggs if you want to, and once in a while, that’s good for you.
whoever is reading this, you are free, too. you are free to do and go and live anywhere and any way you want. choose well. choose what’s good for you and only you without consulting anyone else. you know what you long to do. i can hear your silent knowing.

About angel joy

love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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