a muse, mentor, and friend

my friend s is more mentor than friend, more ahead of me than even with me on the path of wisdom. he is a friend by my definition, because i’ll do anything he asks and he offers reciprocity. true to his heart, he only asks me to do what helps me. but he asks this of me nearly every time he sees me. he challenges me to be more than i am comfortable being, to step outside my habitual self-critical zone and speak words outloud that burn in my throat. by profession, s helps people heal. he helps me heal as well, outside his office hours. he helps me heal with his wholeness. s is one of very few people i’ve met who can bring all of himself, who can be whole, even if parts are wounded and still healing. put simply, s does the work. s walks his talk.

i am inspired, uplifted, and humbled by s. every time i see him, a smile stretches across my face. my heart sighs and whispers, “ahh, he’s here. i’m safe.” this safety is rare for me and developed effortlessly with s. he didn’t try to give me this gift. his beingness is the gift. he’s funny, funnier than he knows, because his lightness makes us laugh. his heart is big and wide and deep and heavy with light. usually, light is weightless. in s, light is solid and grounding, lighting the way through the darkest traumas and emotions into the laughter and joy that wait for us. s brings me to the light within me by asking me to shine.

you are pure light. i’m asking you to shine.

i’m asking  you to be more for yourself. i’m asking you to be this light, this friend, this mentor for someone else. i’m asking you to be all of you, to radically accept and embrace who you are and who you’ve been and who you are becoming. i’m asking you to shine your wholeness next to my shining wholeness and to laugh with the joy that has been waiting for us all along.



About angel joy

love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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