tarot reading

the first thing i pulled from the envelope was a miniature tarot card, the ten of cups, my favorite card in the minor arcana. words associated with the ten of cups are pleasure, peace, good family, honor, joy, love, and contentment. these are the words she has chosen for me. these are the words she has given to me. 

thirteen years have passed since i asked someone to draw a tarot reading for me. although every few years, i’ve shuffled, pulled, and arranged the cards for myself. i didn’t ask her for this reading. she selected cards for me because she knows what i need. she knew that i needed to see the high priestess, the empress, and the ten of cups. she drew the world for me. the wheel of fortune turns in my direction, spilling luck in front of me. 

we agreed that we will not include what used to be, half the family i lost, the pain i inherited, the past i can no longer remember correctly through the filter of grief. those people, things, and circumstances are gone and left behind. she implored me to trust the ten of cups, to allow pleasure, peace, good family, honor, joy, love, and contentment to come to me, to stay with me, to be mine. i situate myself in what is true now. i lean into what she gives me. i count the blessings i hold in my hands. these belong to me. 

along with the tarot reading, she constructed a visual scene to illustrate my destiny for pleasure, my fate of peace, my fortune encompassing a good family, the responsibility of honor, my birthright of joy and love and contentment. inside a cigar box, she set a miniature table for me with my favorite meal. to the right she placed planters of pink roses and a bag of salt to pinch and toss over my shoulder for protection as well as to draw a line over which the spirits of the past cannot cross. she left me a jug of whiskey large enough to host several parties. to the left she placed a broom, a cauldron, and herbs to concoct whatever witchy spell might release what plagues me and manifest what i desire. she put out a frying pan to cook my eggs each morning and a pitcher with glasses to fill with water to purify my blood. she gave these to me last night. i dreamed of their meanings, of her gifts, of her friendship while i slept. i read the tarot interpretations this morning.

today please let the ten of cups signal you to pleasure, lead you to peace, guide you to joy, multiply your love, and bless you with contentment. 


About angel joy

love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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  1. Chrissy says:

    Beautimus. 🙂

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