happy confessions

confession: i danced sufficient hours last night to rub blisters on top of blisters.  
confession: i received my second set of birthday presents last night. i received my first set of presents in the mail early last week. because this year i have challenged myself to love receiving as much as i love giving, i’m reveling in receiving presents. (thank you to s for presents last night. thank you to d for presents last week.)
confession: i have weekly doctors’ appointments. i have blood work drawn each week. i realized this week while watching my blood fill several vials that the likely reason doctors have me return for weekly appointments and blood work is that they are covering their asses against the fear of a malpractice suit since they have no idea why my body does what it does.
confession: of course my body is a medical mystery. i’m practically a mutant superhero with fewer responsibilities.
confession: each week my happiness increases and i’m beginning to wonder if i’m becoming one of those annoying happy people. with one dance partner in particular, i was goofy grinning to an extreme that might have appeared nutzo. oh well, i’m having a blast.
confession: i love watching girls twirling in fluffy petticoats. sometimes i wish i were a fluffy petticoat wearing type of girl, but then i remember that i don’t like people staring at me hoping to catch a glimpse of what i’m wearing under the fluffy petticoat, and then i’m glad i’m the short-shorts wearing type of girl who doesn’t have to worry about whether people can see my lacy-racy underthings. i’d rather wear secret lingerie no one sees than boyshorts that everyone sees when i’m spinning.
confession: sometimes when i pull my pants down to pee i gasp at the forgotten secret i’m wearing. woo-whee!
confession: lingerie is a guilt-free daily pleasure.
confession: happiness is p.h.a.t. 
confession: even with this happiness, there was a day this week that i had to keep returning to bed because my body ached. i didn’t accomplish anything on that day. i couldn’t walk 200 meters to the mailbox to deposit the letters i’d written the day before. just in case i am becoming one of those annoyingly happy people, i wanted to confess that some days my entire body aches and i can’t do anything and just because i’m happy doesn’t mean my life is perfect. however, because i’m happy, i’m able to act more compassionately in challenging situations, speak more sweetly to myself, and approach pain with more gentleness.
confession: my friend d changed my life last night when sharing something she wrote. she adjusted the experience of my world with a single sentence. my friend d continually inspires me to write my truth because truth resonates for all.
confession: i want to hear your truth. i want to see your truth. i want to read your truth. i want to learn from you as you live your truth.

About angel joy

love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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