i’ve got your back

i’m here for you and i’ve got your back.
say those words outloud (or under your breath if you’re around people) and see how they make you feel.
i’m here for you and i’ve got your back. 

there are several people in my life that have my back. my backside is well-protected. and still, i miss the ones that aren’t here anymore, the ones that said they would be here, the ones that left, the ones i left. 

i proposed to my ex-wife in a vulnerable heartbroken-over-someone-else moment when i was on the floor in tears and she wagged work to sit next to me on the floor, with her hand on my back. i realized in that heartbroken moment that she was the one i could count on to be there, hand outstretched or arms around me. so i asked her to marry me. she said yes. that heartbroken day became a heart-healed day and one of the best days i can remember. 

i’m here for you and i have your back. 

you don’t always have to be here. you don’t have to be here every time. you don’t have to be here forever. but be here now for someone. someone needs you right now. you know who. please go to them and tell them, “i’m here for you and i’ve got your back.”



About angel joy

love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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One Response to i’ve got your back

  1. Dianne Scott says:

    I’m here for you and I’ve got your back, dearest Angel,

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