confessions and a double-dog dare

confession: sometimes i just want to stay home and read. usually i do what i desire, but when i’ve stayed home several nights in a row, i sometimes make myself go out, and i almost always leave early, wishing i’d stayed home. if you feel this way, i’m giving you permission to stay home. i’m giving myself permission to stay home. 

confession: my favorite part of winter is drinking hot tea to make my insides warm. 

confession: i found the perfect blanket. after testing and proving it to be the perfect blanket, i bought another one. i thought i bought the second blanket to gift to someone, but i’m keeping it. 

confession:  i’ve made deliveries to goodwill twice in the past two weeks. i could give away almost everything and be happier, which is my snail’s pace plan. i’ll deposit another load each week. i’m guessing in another 25 weeks, i’ll have given away almost everything. 

confession: i usually travel internationally at this time of year in an attempt to skip the holidays. supposedly i’m staying home this year and celebrating the holidays, but i’m itching for barcelona. 

confession: yesterday in therapy i worked on releasing resentments. every resentment has a judgment of someone else’s behavior at its root. releasing judgment is easier for me than releasing resentment, so i started there. 

confession: my therapist laughs at me because i usually say that therapy is fun. yesterday she laughed at me because i did NOT say that therapy was fun. yesterday therapy wasn’t fun, but it helped. 

confession: there’s a metaphysical principle (soon to be proven quantum principle) that if you take one or two steps in the direction of your desire that your desire takes 25 steps toward you. that happened yesterday around releasing resentments and i felt grateful. 

confession: i didn’t intend for the email to become a poem, but the words formed themselves into a poem and asked to be sent, so i did. 

confession: my whole life i’ve been told that i’m “too sensitive.” in the past, if i could have chosen to “be less sensitive” (which also means “feel things less intensely”), i would’ve chosen that. in the present i wouldn’t choose to feel any less. intense feelings are powerful forces and i’m learning how to constructively direct that power and passion. 

confession: when was the last time you let your imagination create something the world has never seen before? i’m doing it today, and i double-dog dare you to do it, too.



About angel joy

love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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