every day to do list:
practice spanish
learn some french
write the next page of current project 

things done every day that are never written on a to do list:
brush and floss teeth
pet the kitties (not a euphemism)
love the ones i love
feel grateful 

things that remain on the to do list day after day even after i do them because they keep getting added back to the list:
write thank you notes
respond to emails
call insurance company
make doctor appointments 

things on my wish list (the very best list):
get in car and drive west and north until i’m ready to turn around and come home
get in car and drive east until i touch the atlantic ocean and stay a while
book trip to tanzania
paint every blank canvas stored in the closet
use every tube of paint stored in the closet
sidewalk chalk love letters in driveways
origami with d and master the art of paper-folding
shameless sexiness, kink, and eroticism
forgive the last grudges, unhooking their grudging tentacles from my joyful heart
forget the past. re-invent the past. create a personal epic creation myth.
legalize the name that suits me, the one i’ve been using for years
radical honesty with g (with everyone, and especially with g)
deepest, widest, broadest, kindest, truest intimacy
deliciously divine passionately creative connection
welcome a new boy best friend into my wildest secret life
more kissing, more cuddling, more massive displays of innocent affection
growing younger and wiser
saying “no, thank you” to anything that doesn’t light me up
transform everything that scares me into a game that i’m guaranteed to win
fail faster, learn quicker, and try again smarter
love you more
accept more love from you 

what is on your very best list? what is your wish list? please make that list the longest. please prioritize your wish list in 2014.



About angel joy

love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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