question: what if i’ve been doing it wrong all these years?
answer: do it differently.

question: what if i don’t want to do it anymore?
answer: stop doing it. 

question: what if i don’t know what “it” is?
answer: you do. 

question: what if i’m no good at _______?
answer: practice. 

question: what if i’m afraid to _______?
answer: do it anyway. 

question: what if i don’t know how?
answer: find out. ask someone. take a class. read a book. find a mentor. google it. 

question: what if i fail?
answer: you’ll learn what doesn’t work and apply that learning to the next attempt. 

question: what if…?
answer: identify the first step. begin. don’t fret the rest. act now. just take the first step.  

question: what’s the point?
answer: living your giant loving life. 

question: how do you know?
answer: because these are ancient universal questions. 

question: why should i believe you?
answer: because truth resonates. 

question: what if you’re wrong?
answer: we’ll figure it out together. 

question: what if i don’t want to?
answer: you don’t have to. 

question: what if i really really want to but i’m afraid?
answer: let’s make it fun. let’s make it a game…




About angel joy

love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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