please give this gift to yourself

let’s check in. begin with the breath. as soon as we think to notice the breath, we’ll likely inhale, because we’ve been holding our breath. most of us breathe shallowly. we don’t inhale fully and we exhale only half our air, leaving our lungs perpetually partially-full of stale air. take this moment to breathe deeply. inhale and inhale and inhale. pause when your lungs are full. now exhale with a whoosh of air through your mouth. play with the air leaving your lungs. make sound effects. take another deep inhalation and play with the speed of your exhale. go fast or go slow. take another breath and play some more. give yourself permission to explore how your breath sounds and feels entering and exiting the body.

while continuing to breathe deeply, check your jaw. is it clenched? can you relax your jaw? let your jaw hang open for a moment. breathe.  drop your jaw all the way. inhale through your open mouth. exhale through your open mouth. relax your jaw. move your jaw from side to side. gently close your mouth, leaving space between your jaws, resting your tongue on the bottom on your mouth. take another deep inhalation and exhalation through your nose.

notice your forehead. gently lift your fingertips to your forehead, smoothing the tension you hold there. shake out your fingertips and then pass them across your forehead again. are you still breathing? drop your jaw again and take another deep breath.

it’s okay to relax. it’s safe to relax. you are safe here. inhale again. pause between the inhale and exhale. you are right here. you are safe. exhale every little worry.

while we continue breathing, bring attention to your neck and shoulders. drop your head forward. inhale through your nose. roll your shoulders back. exhale through your mouth. relax your jaw. keep breathing. move your head gently side to side. roll your shoulders back again. ask your head, neck, and shoulders to move in ways that release tension. take your time. we’ve got this moment right now to give the head, neck, and shoulders what they want.

keep breathing.

release your jaw again. smooth your fingertips across your forehead. breathe.

sit tall. smile. breathe. check your feet. place your feet flat on the ground, feeling the ground and wiggling your toes. while breathing and wiggling your toes, roll your shoulders back again. release your jaw again. take a deep breath and make a “whooshing” sound with your exhale.

yes, that’s it.



you are safe here. you are safe.

now, please notice how you feel. sit for a moment and explore how your body feels. where does your body feel good? are there parts of the body that feel pain? breathe into the body. create more space in the body with your breathing. breathe your body open.

how does your heart feel? is your heart open? is your heart closed? does your heart ache? does your heart feel happy? whatever you notice, please breathe into that feeling. give that feeling more space. invite more air into your lungs. exhale completely. put your hand on your heart. breathe with your hand on your heart. feel the love beating through your heart. breathe into that love. exhale love.

return to the rest of your day with more breath, more love, more attention, and less tension. you can relax throughout the rest of the day. you are safe.






About angel joy

love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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