telling the truth…all the time

my friend t started telling the truth to everyone all the time. she tells the truth because it is the most loving thing she can do for herself and for others. when she tells others the truth, they are free to respond with their truth. by telling the truth, she accelerates the gifts, messages, and blessings of her interactions. by clearly stating her truth, she eliminates confusion and miscommunication. by honoring her truth, she gives and receives exactly what she wants to give and receive in every interaction.

she is my role-model for truth-telling.

there are thirteen people in my life that i feel comfortable telling the whole truth all the time. that list is growing. there are at least six or seven more people i could safely add to that list of complete truth-telling all the time. i dare myself to try, and from there, i could begin telling everyone the truth all the time.

some truths i want to share with you:

truth: i’ve outgrown boy best friends. i’ve graduated to treasured man friends. i don’t want boys who aren’t willing (or able) to tell their truth or hear mine. i only want  to relate with emotionally mature men who love telling and hearing the truth with me.  i already have several treasured man friends who are capable and willing to do this with me. i am grateful for each of them.

truth: i want to give up sugar, but i’m not ready yet. in the past 15 months, i’ve given up diet colas, an eating disorder, and love addiction. sugar is my final addiction. i want to give up sugar, to release this final addiction, but the truth is i’m not ready or willing to give it up yet.

truth: i’m vulnerable, more vulnerable than i’ve ever been. and somehow, the paradox that i’ve been reading about vulnerability making a person stronger is true for me, too.

truth: telling the whole truth feels really good, feels better than any not-quite-whole truth alternative. hearing the whole truth feels really good, even if it also hurts. my hurt feelings will pass. my hurt feelings offer messages to me about my values and boundaries and beliefs. the truth gives me what is real. i want what’s real all the time from everyone…which means i gotta give what’s real all the time to everyone…and the people who can’t or don’t want that truth-telling reality will drop out of my life really quickly. (the sooner, the better.)

truth: i am grateful to you for witnessing my truth-telling here.

truth: i am healthy, bold, open, loving, compassionate, and courageous enough to hear your truth. please tell me your whole truth.



About angel joy

love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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2 Responses to telling the truth…all the time

  1. Ed Weidig says:

    I hope I’m considered one of those emotionally mature men.

  2. Tamika says:

    Truth: I have a sugar addiction. I might possibly have a food addiction. I really doubt that I have a food addiction, but I know that the sugar struggle is real. I feel shitty about having an addiction when I thought I’d avoided addictions my whole life. I’m working on this, but I’m not sure I can be abstinent. We’ll see…

    Truth: I’m elated and scared to turn 40. I’m at the point in which I’m afraid of health issues. I hate being at that age. I love being at an age in which I feel that I’ve outgrown stupid. I like making adult decisions and bettering myself. For that, I love this age.

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