the birthday poem

for my birthday last year, i asked my friend d to write me a poem. i was practicing asking, d is a poet, i knew d would oblige any birthday request, so my asking was no risk. d wrote me a beautiful poem about the moon, i felt valued and validated that i received what i asked for, and last year’s birthday was the best of my life thus far. then, three and a half months later, d sent me another poem. this poem is about me.

what i didn’t know last year when i asked d to write a poem for my birthday is the deeper truth of my truest desire. i didn’t know what i really wanted was for d to describe in her most natural creative medium how she perceives an aspect of me that i can’t see, hear, smell, taste, or touch without her showing me. when i read the poem she sent me this week, i cried. i cried because great art moves me to tears. i cried because her poetry is perfect. i cried because she wrote a perfect poem about me.

what i’m learning about asking and receiving is that in order to receive what i most deeply desire, i have to clearly identify what to ask for. d taught me this lesson by giving me what i most wanted, what i wanted so completely that my scared little self hadn’t even considered such a gift was possible to ask for, to be worthy of, to risk wanting.

my friend s and i agree that the writing we like best is a piece that teaches us something new while resonating with a truth or experience we already know.  in the poem she wrote about me, d reminds me that i am seen, heard, welcome, wanted, door unlocked, heart open. d taught me to ask for more, to ask for the truest truth of my deepest desire, to knock louder, and then to walk through the unlocked door.

in order to get what you most want, identify the deeper truth of that desire. then, be brave enough, bold enough, honest enough to ask for that desire to be met.  when you receive what you’ve asked for,  let your gratitude bless you again and again.



About angel joy

love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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