confessions of sexy peacefulness

confession: i felt almost jealous for a moment, which is a rare and unfamiliar emotion for me, but then i realized that what she is, has, and does in no way diminishes what i am, have, and do and the almost jealousy fled faster than it almost arrived.

confession:  i didn’t want to go once i knew he was going, but i didn’t want his going to affect my choices, because he doesn’t matter that much. i didn’t want to ignore him or interact with him. on my way out, i found a third option.

confession: every time i see her, i immensely enjoy her presence. his, too.  of course he has a crush on her. with a smile, laughter , and sweetness like that, who wouldn’t?

confession: i committed to practicing every day. i practice most days but not every day.

confession: most days is good enough.

confession: he waits for me, not quite stalker-style but in that vicinity, and sometimes i’m glad to see him.

confession: i’m running out of time, but i don’t know for what, when, where, or why.

confession: the kind of lonely i felt was from not being seen, not from lack of company.

confession: i think it belongs to me. i think that’s why she gave it to me.

confession: i want to give her more. i also want to open wider and wiser to receive more.

confession: because i can choose how to feel in any situation, i choose to feel blissful and blessed as often as possible, which means more often, more blissful, and more blessed.

confession: while having tea with my friend t earlier this week, she gave me the words to describe my current life motif—sexy peacefulness.




About angel joy

love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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