i dare you

dare to take half an hour to eat an apple because you spend a full minute chewing every bite. don’t be surprised when each bite begins to taste like your great-grandma’s homemade applesauce from the apples that dropped from the lone tree in the yard, the single tree she referred to as an orchard because she remembered all the trees before they were cleared to build the house, the old apple tree that was struck by lightning the summer you were 12, the tree that died from that lightning strike.

dare to remain sober in a rooftop nightclub surrounded by drunk 20-somethings in shiny dresses and skinny jeans and go ahead and get down when the deejay plays “golddigger” because the drunk girls singing along while bumping into you won’t get the irony. don’t be surprised when one of the drunk girls smiles at you, since her eyes can’t focus so she can’t actually see you.

dare to buy yourself the prettiest flowers because you want them. don’t be surprised when you are tempted to leave them on someone else’s doorstep and they never make it inside your home.

dare to stand alone at the edge of the woods and converse with a tree in the moonlight. don’t be surprised when an own hoots in response.

dare to book yourself a massage next week. i double-dog dare to stop buying jewelry on amazon’s “lightning deals.” seriously. please stop. i know you like shiny stuff with sparkles but stop.

when you run out of beer, you go to the store without hesitation. dare to make a trip to a store to buy an avocado. dare to want an avocado as much as you want beer. (don’t forget to pick up milk and bananas while you’re at the store.)

dare to write her a love letter for valentine’s day. i dare you to say everything your brave heart wants to say if you only believed your heart was that brave. just because you write the letter doesn’t mean you have to give her the letter. (we’ll save that dare for another day.)

you could sleep with her. she wants you to. it’d be easy. i dare you not to. because the truth is that you don’t want to.

i dare you to go easy on yourself when you fuck up. i dare you to speak more gently and kindly inside your own mind.

i dare you to love bigger and boldly. i dare you to love you more first.

i dare you to ask for what you want. what you really want. 100% of what you want. i dare you.



About angel joy

love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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