bluebonnets, tutus, and a pet peeve

confession: as i hike each day, i’ve been keeping an eye on big wide open fields where bluebonnets will bloom, waiting for the first flowers to appear. this morning i woke up early and went running through the fields, knowing that today i’d see the first bloom. i counted two bluebonnets sprung into their blueness.

confession: while running, i had a vision that came as words meant for a friend of mine, letting her know that she is seen, known, loved, and supported. while running, a wave of gratitude vibrated every blood cell for a new friendship begun this weekend.

confession: magical things transpire while wearing a tutu.

confession: i was reminded of one of my biggest pet peeves this weekend–>non-native austinites who hate on drum circles. i’m not sure where y’all came from, but austin is a hippie town. hippies sometimes dance and drum into a trance of higher consciousness, often in a circle of others sharing the experience. if you’ve moved to austin from someplace else, you’ve moved to a hippie town. if you moved to mexico, i hope you’d have the cultural awareness and sensitivity not to hate on beans and rice, even if you don’t like beans and rice. if you moved to canada, i hope you’d have the cultural awareness and respect not to hate on hockey, even if you chose not to attend or watch hockey games. you’ve moved to the hippie town of austin. hippies sometimes commune in drum circles. please have the cultural awareness and sensitivity to keep your hippie-hating-bullshitting-hole shut if you’ve moved to austin from someplace else and you hate drum circles.

confession: super-duper magical things happen while wearing a tutu inside a drum circle.

confession: yeah, i wondered what it would be like to fuck my yoga teacher while she was demonstrating a hardcore asana with her rock hard body. and yeah, i felt bad about it. and yeah, students’ sexual objectification of me was one more reason why i quit teaching yoga.

confession: wearing a tutu on saturday night marked the beginning of a new season of more tutu wearing more often to more places to invoke more magic and possibly to inspire spontaneous hippie drum circles.




About angel joy

love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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