if i write about money, how will you judge me?
because i know you’ll judge me.
positively or negatively, you’ll judge me.
(non-buddhists forget that positive judgments are still judgments, that positive criticism is still criticism.)
i’ll write about money anyway, and while you’re reading what i’ve written, please pay attention to your judgments, tracing them to reveal your beliefs and values about money. while investigating your beliefs and values about money, evaluate if those beliefs and values reflect how you’d ideally like to interact with money. you can change your beliefs. you can choose new values. at any time. for any reason.

i love money. i love money because money gives me a feeling of security. when i have money, i don’t worry. with money, i feel like i can buy whatever i need to adequately satisfy the need or to get out of just about any predicament. if i get sick, money pays for healthcare. when i’m hungry, money buys food. when i’m cold, money buys wool socks and a warm coat. i love money for its service in buying what i need.

i love money because money pays for more than i need, money buys what i want. i want to drive a fast car. i want to travel. i want to drink top-shelf liquor. money pays for these things, plus what i want most…which is to give money away. i love giving money. i love giving love. i love giving time to people and causes that motivate, inspire, heal, and thrill me. i love giving generously. money is easy for me to give and giving feels good to me.

earlier this week, a friend commented about her ambivalence toward money and her need to shift that ambivalence if she wanted to receive more money. i’m not ambivalent about money. my love for money is purely grateful. in my opinion, money is not the root of evil; greed and fear foster evil. money is neutral. money doesn’t care what you do with it, what you buy with it, if you save it, if you burn it. my feelings about money are positive, peaceful, and pleasurable. my relationship with money is playfully appreciative within a container of courage-building risks and increasing trust. (like most of my other relationships.)

what about you?


About angel joy

love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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One Response to money

  1. anisum says:

    Increasingly, I am not ambivalent towards money. But my relationship with money is fraught with all the impacts it has in the world. How do I make my money? Are other people hurt or oppressed so I can make it? Does it contribute to a system that I disagree with? Is the earth exploited further so I can have this money? The same questions apply to the things I pay for with my money.
    I have a frustrated relationship with money. I don’t think it’s the root of evil. But I do think it has become like a god. It is ever powerful and ever present. Of course I would like more of it, but only because I just want to live a happy and healthy life and I need money to do that. But I want that for everybody and I want it for the earth.

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