two lists

today’s happinesses:
1. waking at 7am, calculating what i had to accomplish today, rearranging the pillows, rolling over, and sleeping until 10:30am.
2. text messaging love as specific expressions to several people and having those people return and multiply the love.
3. deciding that before i began any of the tasks i intended to accomplish today that i would clear my closets.
4. crab cakes for breakfast at lunch time as an intermission to clearing closets.
5. listening to ruthie foster while clearing closets. (please listen to ruthie foster…her music makes hearts happy.)
6. dancing with my reflection in the mirror while trying on slinky dresses and short skirts to test whether i was keeping them or donating them to goodwill.
7. admitting at 2pm that i wasn’t going to work today and going birthday shopping for one of my favorite people.
8. finding the perfect gift. writing a sweet note. placing the gift in the yellow chair on her porch to greet her when she comes home.
9. seeing the bumper sticker “kindness is contagious” and nodding my head in agreement.
10. eating a fun-size pack of mini m&m’s for a snack. mini blue m&m’s give an extra kick of happiness. i have extra fun-size packs to share, if you want one.


today’s truth telling:
1. today is a great day.
2. i love you.
3. days like today make the other kind of days worth surviving.
4. i forgot my morning meeting and missed it.
5. i instantly forgave myself for forgetting the meeting and trust that those present at the meeting met the objectives without me.
6. i drank plenty last night, which is why i didn’t get out of bed at 7am and why i forgot this morning’s meeting, but i felt great by 10:30am.
7. my right quads are sore. i keep trying to figure out what i did dancing last night that made my right quads sore.
8. i must not look as young as i hope, since men ten years younger than i keep guessing my age correctly.
9. sometimes i like to press against the edges of what is socially acceptable. sometimes i like to blast past those limitations and stretch beyond what is perceived as propriety, jubilantly flaunting my flauntiness. breaking these unofficial socialized rules makes me feel more alive, not from disrespect, but in giving permission to express what is true, real, and free.
10. i want for you what you want for you. this is my unconditionally loving mantra. i repeat it several times every hour. i want for you what you want for you, even if it hurts you, because i trust your process. i trust you to know what is best for you. i trust you to want what will teach you what you need to learn. i trust you to want what will help you feel and grow in the ways you want to feel and grow. i want for you what you want for you.



About angel joy

love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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