april’s wish list

1. more passion
2. a fuck-ton more passion
3. passionate creativity
4. passionately creative hula hooping and pole-dancing and partner dancing and yoga-ing.
5. asking directly for the passionate encounters i desire in context with others.
6. write at least one love letter a day.
7. forgive whatever grimy residue remains from the past.
8. courage to communicate through awkward moments.
9. speak my whole truth, even when it is inconvenient and different from what another expects.
10. forget self-consciousness.
11. allow compliments to skip past my self-diminishing filter.
12. welcome new people into my heart.
13. trust the new people who are entering my life, building trust slowly and responsibly.
14. generate and circulate more love.
15. always, more love. giving more love and receiving more love.
16. live in hourly gratitude.
17. try something new each day.
18. more hugs. more kisses. more cuddles.
19. risk another heartbreak.
20. give myself credit for being brave and resilient and strong.
21. fearlessly begin conversations with people i’ve been too shy to speak with in the past.
22. inquire about other people’s passions, passionate experiences, passionate desires.
23. ask for more.
24. invite other passionate souls to join me in manifesting this wish list.
25. sexy peacefulness pulsating within, above, and beneath my passions.



About angel joy

love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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