an incomplete list of wants

i want passionate conversations. i want to hear what excites you. tell me which dream you are creating. detail for me the present triumphs and challenges of each step toward your goal. ask me for specific support. what can i do to help you? inquire about my passions. ask me when and why i smiled most this week. ask me when i felt most at peace. tell me what you most want to feel. invite me to join you in that feeling.

i want passionate playfulness. i want to skip in your living room and hula hoop in your yard and dance in your kitchen and run naked through the watering hose and eat peanut butter from the jar with our fingers and add chocolate chips to our finger-dipped peanut butter-covered tips. i want take you on platonic dates and show you my secret hideaways and swing on swingsets in the moonlight, reaching for the moon with our toes. i want to sneak onto the golf course at 3am and roll down the biggest hill (or slide down sled-style on cardboard if we remember to bring the box from my trunk). i want to drive you around the back roads with the top down and the radio on and our singing waking up the cows.

i want passionate alone time feeding myself poetry and fiction and music and the swirling colors of paints on canvas.

i want to make love with the wind, to bring it inside me, to let it whip me and blow me and breathe me.

i want passionate understanding of where and why and when and with whom my heart begins to close so that i can blast my heart open with full-bodied acceptance of what is and real love for what arrives exactly as it comes to me.

i want passionate discernment of what is love and what is ego and what is want and what is need and what feels good and what hurts and what belongs to the past and what is true for me now and what matters and what doesn’t matter and what i wanted then and what has changed since and what i’m learning as i go and what belongs here and what i’m ready to discard and what i’m ready to drink into my experience now.

i want passionate kissing. i want passionate hugging. i want passionate squeezing and nibbling and licking and biting and holding down and lifting up and coming inside and tracing outside and kiss me there and i’ll kiss you there and there and there and kiss me again. again. again.



About angel joy

love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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