what’s coming

here’s what’s coming for you and me:

a day filled with surprises, the good kind, the happy kind, the kind that makes us grateful to be alive.
a dozen little surprises and maybe a big one or two. and if you don’t find them, then create them. smile.
begin with a smile. see what happens next.
a tomorrow is coming that is even better than today.
something better than hope, stronger than hope, something that is greater than the thing you’ve always wanted but never dared to hope for.
the guts to make the call, write the email, send the letter, and say what you’ve been wanting to say.
say i’m sorry.
i am sorry, sweetheart. and i know you’re sorry, too.
i forgive you. i trust you to forgive me. i forgive me, too.
please forgive yourself.
every tiny thing is gonna be alright.
is already alright.
let’s begin again.
right now.
begin here.
take a breath with me.
just breathe.
say i love you.
because i do love you.
and you love me, too.
you are loved.
there are good things coming to us.
better than we can imagine.
let them in.
breathe deep, open wide, and let them in.
let me in.
come on in.
be here with me now.
just breathe.
and love me.
love you.
trust me.
trust you.
trust this moment.
trust this goodness.
trust all the good that is coming to you.
let today be the best day.
and invite tomorrow to be even better. 




About angel joy

love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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