a group of pickers

i have a group of friends who bring their instruments and pick together almost every time they get together. i usually recognize exactly zero of the songs this group spontaneously plays. i was inducted into this group of friends via my adopted sister who shares her love of country music with this group of pickers. most of them don’t know that my music listening tastes sway heavily in the direction of blues, r&b, and hip-hop and there’s no reason to tell them, because i can dance to all music, and i’m a dancer, not a musician. i love music for the way it moves my body. i appreciate any music that inspires my body to move. one day i’m going to ask each one of them why they love music and specifically why they love the music they play. then i’m gonna tell them why i love sitting in a room while they pick. (i’ll tell y’all here and now.)

a performer once explained to me the difference between a performer and musician which helped me better understand my desired distance from performers (whose motive is “hey, look at me, want me, adore me”) and my desire for company among musicians (whose motive is to play, live, and breathe music). this group of musicians epitomizes a love for the music, for playing music, for sharing music, for breathing music. these musicians play music together when they get together because music is their favorite thing in the world. some of them play music for a living, and they are PLAYING music, not performing music. i respect and honor loving the music that gives one a reason to get out of bed in the morning (or afternoon).

when i wake up in the morning (or get out of bed in the afternoon), i do it for two reasons: words want to be written through me and acts of love, kindness, and compassion want to be served through me. some mornings i have a hard time getting out of bed and on those mornings i go back to bed until words get me out of bed to write them or until i remember what i can do to help someone else’s day, week, or life improve with measurable significance. this group of pickers that are part of my larger friend group play music in a way that makes my heart grateful that they’ve gotten out of bed and played music every day of their lives. thank you.

whatever it is that gets you out of bed in the morning (or afternoon), i am grateful that you have that thing, do that thing, love that thing. please share your thing with the world. we need the things that you love. thank you for doing them. please show us, share them, give us the opportunity to love your thing with you. let’s multiply the love of everything together, because everybody feels best in a room full of love.




About angel joy

love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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