confessions of coming back to life

confession: after being really sick and then becoming well again, there is a subtle vibration buzzing in my cells of feeling reborn after a small death. in my coming-back-to-life first full night out, i danced and drank and talked and danced and drank and talked until way past last call.

confession: i’m a sucker for a sexy wink.

confession: i had so much fun i couldn’t sleep which is why i was still awake at 7:25 am and made a request for breakfast tacos from someone who loves me enough to pick them up and bring them to me in bed. after two breakfast tacos served and eaten in bed, i slept among singing angels in the dream world for six hours.

confession: i gave her the most sincere and highest compliment that could be misunderstood by those who don’t understand me: “if i weren’t such an extreme introvert, i would totally hang out with you.”

confession: the first tears of the day happened within minutes of waking, crying with a crying friend whose best friend has moved overseas today. i can’t let my friends cry alone.

confession: rereading a book that has been sitting on the bookshelf for 15 years since i bought it and read it the first time, i’m glad i kept it. this book was worth moving six times.

confession: if y’all came over tonight, i’d invite you to bring your pillow, relax into a circle in my living room, and i’d read to y’all. we’d have thursday night storytime…with liquor and lavender essential oil.

confession: if you came over for storytime, you might observe several secrets hidden in plain sight.

confession: if i went to your house tonight, i’d bring canvases and acrylic paints.

confession: one of the best reasons for living in an apartment is that i have access to two sparkling blue swimming pools i never have to maintain.

confession: i usually see him in dimly lit bars. last night i saw him in brighter lighting. he has even bluer eyes, more perfect skin, and stonger features than i had seen before.

confession: some people will let you hug all over them without making it mean you want to fuck them. i relish hugging those people.



About angel joy

love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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