confessions upon re-entry

confession: i drink in airports and drunk text my cousins who live in minnesota. i send them ugly selfies with drunk face and they tell me they love me and that they wish they were in the airport drinking with me. this drunk text exchange happens at least once a month, because i’m drinking in airports on my way home at least once a month. sending drunk selfies to anyone other than my cousins seems risky and vain. something about having known each of them their entire lives, holding their infant selves, and sharing dead grandparents makes sending drunk selfies to them from airports all over the world less weird and ridiculous.

confession: my closest friends send me text messages that read like mini love letters. mini love letters are the best reason to love text messaging.

confession: chipmunks in new york state parks are like mini love letters from creation/evolution. i dare you not to feel a flurry of joy scamper through your heart while a chipmunk scrambles across your path and onto a tree.

confession:  i already miss ithaca. on my last night in ithaca, there was a table of move-out/free stuff on a table in the courtyard of an apartment complex down the hill from cornell university. i scored a bushel of cornell university students’ giveaways. i now have a new wardroe that ithaca granted me as a free parting gift.

confession: among the free gifts i pilfered from the giveaway table were a darth vader pen, a storm trooper pen, and a boba fett pen. the pens work. whichever cornell student put out the pens on move-out day is either a generous soul or a moron. i love my new pens.

confession: i have a friend for whom i filch souvenirs from my trips. she’s the only person i’d ever steal for. i vouch that the filched souvenirs constitute victimless crimes.

confession: i went dancing last night. since my feet hadn’t been in boots for weeks, my dancing callouses had softened. i have new blisters today…which means i was away for too long. it’s true, i was away for too long. i forgot that i live here. i forgot that i love living here. i forgot that i belong here. i began thinking that i lived and belonged in ithaca.

confession: during a bachelorette weekend bash at the beach she told me that i must meet her friend s, that we would like each other very much. she introduced me to him a few weeks later, briefly, in passing, before he stepped onstage for a gig. i sat in a party bus with him a few weeks after that initial introduction and listened amusedly to the conversation he was having in the seat behind me. we’ve attended two of the same parties in the past two months but didn’t converse. last night he asked me to dance and we immediately dove into the best taboo-busting conversation i’ve had in 2014. she was right. i adore him. and although i’ve become much more cautious about whom and how quickly i develop new friendships, he and i are fast friends.



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love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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