panty drawers

when i retail therapy i buy lacy underthings. other women buy shoes. i buy panties. my panty drawer is stuffed with lacy things. both my panty drawers. plus the spillover drawer. yes, i have three panty drawers which means i have a lot of panties that barely get worn, which isn’t fair to the pretty lacy things at the bottom of spillover drawer number three, which is why once in a while i dig to the bottom of each panty drawer and shuffle the contents. i shuffled my panty drawers last week. panties i haven’t seen in a year are floating on top. yesterday i chose a pretty blue pair without realizing until i was wearing them that they are the cheeky kind designed to crawl up one’s ass crack to reveal the sassy roundness of one’s bottom for an appreciative audience. although well-designed for their cheeky purpose, this pair of panties is impractical for saturday morning errands. i spent the morning pulling panties out of my ass crack in a way that required me to cup an ass cheek every time i tugged them.

even though i have three drawers of panties, i have favorite pairs on heavy rotation like every other woman i know: the comfy cotton panties, the go-to sexy panties that surprise me on tuesdays, the stay-put exercise panties, the invisible seamless panties to wear under tight or white clothing, the g-strings that don’t strangle my crack, the full-coverage panties to wear under a tutu. the cheeky blue pair worn yesterday will sink back to the bottom of a drawer until an appreciative audience becomes available. primarily i wear panties to please myself, to tease my own imagination when i sit down to pee. (i pee a lot. i hydrate well.) i have lots of opportunities to see my panties in the course of a day. because i get bored easily, i like to stimulate delight in as many different aspects of my day as possible.

i don’t know what your panty situation is, but if you haven’t considered it lately, please think about what you’re putting on beneath your clothes. is it time to shuffle your panty drawer?


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