a big ask

she said that she didn’t send me flowers because she assumed someone else would have sent flowers since everybody knows that i love receiving flowers. everybody else must have assumed that someone else would send me flowers because no one did. i bought my own.

i ask people what they want. i pay attention when someone mentions a gift they’d like to receive. when possible i give whatever is asked or mentioned, even when the ask is bigger than i intended to give before i extended the question. very few people ask what i want. very few people give to me without my asking. those who offer to give, who inquire what i want, who are thoughtful and generous and take initiative are the ones i trust.

i don’t know when the last time you asked someone you love what she wanted, what you could do to help, what you could give him that would best support him, but even if it was only yesterday, i encourage you to ask again today. don’t wait til someone gets the flu to offer to pick up something from the store. don’t wait til someone dies or is hospitalized to send flowers. don’t wait til your lover leaves you before you realize that you’ve taken her for granted. don’t wait til your friend grows distant before you make an effort to connect. don’t give out of obligation. give because your giant heart wants to share and spread love in the world. give because giving feels good. give because you have beauty and creativity and kindness in surplus, because giving multiplies these.

give thanks when you receive.

thank you to those who give to me. thank you for asking what i want. thank you for presents left on the doorstep. thank you for packages sent in the mail. thank you for prettily wrapped gifts handed to me. thank you for loving me. thank you for giving to me.


About angel joy

love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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