a trip to the thrift store

blue tags were 50% off today at salvation army. because there was no ambient musak pumping through discreet speakers in the store, prince filled the gap by singing “delirious” on repeat in my mind. i walked directly to the wedding dresses hanging against the wall in the far back corner, because i’m chronically on the lookout for thrift store vintage wedding dresses in my size. there were three wedding dresses: one with food stains, one with blood stains, and one with a floofy poofy skirt, but none in my size. on my return to the front of the store to check out sweaters i passed racks of handbags and paused to admire four large and loudly colored ones. in general, i don’t carry a purse. if i am carrying a purse its only function is to stash a flask. while poking through the handbags (i confess, i was checking the secret interior pockets for forgotten cash), i wondered for the thousandth time what other women carry in their large purses. i could ask them but i’d rather retain the mystery. i like that large-handbag-carrying women are mysterious to me, at least in that singular aspect. after searching for and not finding any forgotten bills in purse pockets, i arrived again at the front of the store where the sweaters were displayed. the color-coordinated sectioning of thrift store apparel appeals to the second-grader inside me. i went to the purple section first and was prepared to buy the blue-tagged 50% off cashmere sweater until i tried it on and noticed that it was misshapen and smelled like smoke that wasn’t gonna wash out, so i ambled on to the red sweater section. there were no blue-tagged red sweaters, so i hopped over an aisle to the turquoise sweaters where i overheard some devoutly prayerful people blessing everything they discussed, one of them wearing the salvation army red vest indicating her employer and the couple she was prayerfully praising with were eager to be released from the conversation but afraid to offend the red vested woman. prince jacked up the volume on “delirious” inside my mind and i hurried to the men’s long-sleeve shirt section to search for pearl snaps. i found none. circling to the back corner, i considered buying curtains but none were blue-tagged and i can’t justify spending more than $3 on thrift store curtains…but really, who was i kidding? i haven’t had curtains on my windows since my teenage years in my parents’ house. i’m a slatted blinds gal, not cozy or soft enough for curtains, although i might have bought and hung curtains if i’d found any for 50% off (totaling less than $3) at the salvation army store today. we’ll never know for sure.

i perused the photo frames, which are my favorite, because sometimes the donator’s photos remain in the frames. today i found two frames with the word “friends” carved into them and photos of girls sitting on couches, probably from a decade ago. i’m betting they aren’t friends anymore.

i bought a book for $.50. i bought a glass heart candy dish for $.50 because i have an art project in mind and if it doesn’t work out, i love breaking glass. i bought a framed cross-stitch for a friend because it reminded me of her and she appreciates thrift store treasures and i felt a bit sad that the framed cross-stitch ended up in the salvation army donation center to be recycled. was the original recipient unappreciative…or dead? someone cross-stitched for me once. its frame sits on my bookshelf and i appreciate it everyday. an hour and $1.62 later, i got in my car, thanked prince for singing “delirious” on repeat to me, and sniffed the thrift store aroma that clung to me.


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One Response to a trip to the thrift store

  1. stacyoverman says:

    We have found our local “re-sale” store here. It is Kenz’s favorite place to shop. Apple didn’t fall far from that tree! She found her birthday dress there and considers the store magical since the dress she picked made everyone say she looked like a real-live princess. Thrift stores can be magical that way! 😉 I love you.

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