tea party confessions

confession of the three funniest things t said during our tea party today:
1. “i would do porn if it had a dance music soundtrack.”
2. “look at us drinking our tea and wearing our good girl sweaters.” (she meant it innocently, but it came out kinky, because t unknowingly oozes sexy vapors through every pore.)
3. “i need to gain a few pounds so i’ve been eating gluten-free pizza and drinking beer.”

confession: within the first five minutes, i had taken off my turquoise jacket and given it to t’s friend because the friend had been instructed to “breathe turquoise.” within the next half-hour, t gave me three of her sweaters, two tank tops, a sexy sheer shirt, and a skirt. giving begets more giving. my tribe is generous.

confession: i revel in my abstract sixth-grade-talent-level fingerpainting. however, i wish that once a year i could paint a masterpiece to give t to hang on her bedroom wall.

confession: t asked me to go on a beach vacation with her. of course i said yes. she suggested playa del carmen or isla mujeres with the caveat that those locales might be loud and obnoxious, to which we both replied in sync, “then we’ll party.”

confession: i feel sexiest when i am alone driving my car wayyyy fast on curvy roads. i love that no one will ever witness my peak sexiness because it occurs only when i am alone. my peak sexiness belongs solely to me.

confession: sweet drunk text messages late at night make me smile. keep ‘em coming.

confession: you know when the phone rings or the text message beeps and you’re hoping it is that one person you really want to hear from but it isn’t that person? over and over it isn’t that person. i’m getting better at being instantly grateful for the person who is calling and texting rather than feeling sad and disappointed that it isn’t the person i was hoping for.

confession: i love that when we stand next to each other, he puts his hand on my back. when i’m sitting next to him, i put my hand on his thigh. some people are touchy-centric. others aren’t. i prefer those who are. people assume we are lovers. the truth is we are something greater than best friends. i needed him last night. he didn’t know that, i didn’t tell him, but he sensed it when i hugged him hello and he didn’t let me go. he drove back home to austin instead of flying down this time. i’m secretly hoping that means he’ll stay rather than returning to the place he’s been living that’ll never be home.




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love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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