tallies from washington

edibles from pot shops consumed: every available variety taste-tested

happiest highlight: trekking through a fluorescent green forest, getting lost, getting found, accompanied by an owl and a late-setting sun.

most ungainly flop: tripping over my own shoelaces, twice.

best wonky compliment: “look at you being so cute! which makes sense since you’re wearing yesterday’s clothes and you looked cute yesterday.”

tastiest dessert: free cupcake offered by woman working in the high-end grocery store bakery who had just finished frosting a batch and noticed my baked-goods-craving marijuana-high-dilated smiling eyes. free fresh baked goods while high underscore the axiom that the best things in life are free.

best sleep: from 8:35pm through 11:55pm pacific time on thursday evening in a king-size bed in a secret cottage on a wooded island. i slept without dreams or nightmares beneath thick blankets with soft pillows piled around me. i woke to the thought, “leo finished playing at white horse” and imagined sweaty dancers and swaying drunks herding out of the bar. i smiled myself back to sleep.

change found in airport vending machines: $1.97 (the poor girl inside me always checks vending machines for change and rejoices at each find.)

biggest disappointment: smoking a fat gram of 18% thc legal reefer with no effect except a wave of munchies an hour later quelled by scarfing a loaf of garlic bread resulting in bloating and gas.

funniest question posed: is that person in the park doing t’ai chi or picking up dog shit?

worst i.q.-lowering conversation i initiated (recorded here if you’d like to lose a few i.q. points by reading it):
me: i got a bad haircut.
him: what kind of bad?
me: dumb bangs.
him: bangs are ugly.
me: i know, but i hated the way my face looked long, sad, and pale with my hair tucked school-girl-style behind my ear.
him: you thought bangs would be better?
me: mine are dumb bangs, not ugly bangs. they’ll grow out in a few weeks. in the hierarchy of bad haircuts, a dumb haircut is better than an ugly haircut.

dumb bangs discovery: superfly sunglasses transform to super uncool when fringed by dumb bangs.

diet cola ingested: five liters

alcohol imbibed: none since sunday

goals accomplished: three

desires fulfilled: one

new dreams dreamed: four

plan to return: august

people missed: several, especially one

miles hiked: many

bodies of water crossed:  several

mountain lions, bears, sharks encountered: none

mountain lions, bears, sharks feared: all

miles traveled: nearly 5,000

miles to explore: a planet’s worth plus the moon

readiness to return home feeling inspired and grateful: full-on


About angel joy

love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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One Response to tallies from washington

  1. Robyn says:

    Fun, fun! Come to Colorado : ) we can have some same kind of fun xo

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