on his 40th birthday

if i were a songwriter, i’d write you a song that every child learns to sing in nursery school and children would sing your song for the next thousand years because your song would be perfectly fun and sweet and make every face and heart smile, because you are perfectly fun and sweet and make my face and heart smile every time i think of you.

if i wrote fairy tales, i’d weave an epic yarn of good trumping evil and the magic required to see that evil is an illusion, hiding fear and ignorance. i’d immortalize your mastery of patience, kindness, and compassionate understanding because you are a hero.

if i were a poet, i’d pen you a series of romantically dirty limericks for you to flirtatiously recite into the ears of lovers that you are courting.

if i were a bit goofier, i’d dress as a brown eagle and perform a one-woman mime show in the middle of the street, bringing you messages from crazy spirits who’ve been trying to get your attention.

if i were less shy, i’d sing with you in the car with the top down. (i bet i’ll be less shy by this afternoon.)

if i had a garden, i’d plant all your favorite vegetables.

i’ll feed you anytime you’re hungry. (i  know you’re always hungry.) i’ll always share my food with you.

i’ll hold your hand as often as you’ll let me.

i’ll stand pressed against you in a half-hug every chance i get.

i’ll do my best to follow, because you remind me that you’re leading.

i’ll beam my biggest grin at you that makes my eyes crinkle into the wrinkles of my cheeks.

i’ll stick up for you when somebody hurts or disappoints you.

i’ll remind you that anybody who doesn’t value you isn’t worth your caring.

i’ll gently guide you back to the wisdom inside you when you forget to apply it.

i’ll shake my fists at the sky in frustrated unison and repeat a mocking chorus of “stupid ______” in the middle of the night when we’re sitting on a park bench too wired to go home.

i’ll let you drive.

i’ll trust you with the parts of me i hide from the rest of the world.

i’ll apologize when i fuck up and i’ll learn from each mistake so that i don’t repeat it.

i’ll tell you when you’re fucking up and help you gracefully correct your course of action.

i’ll listen deeply.

i’ll give thanks for you every single day.

i love you completely.

i love you unconditionally.

i love you forever.


About angel joy

love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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