confessions of problems and tutus

confession: some problems will resolve on their own if you step back and let time pass. other problems will monstrously enlarge the longer they go unaddressed. sometimes i incorrectly assess which tactic to utilize for which problem. i hoped that time would resolve an internal conflict that has yielded its worsening over several months. belatedly i communicated my internal conflicts to the one who is engaged in this situation with me. honest communication requires courage. please be courageous. please be more courageous sooner.

confession: when you let out the thing you’ve been holding in, more love, more joy, and more ease flow uninterrupted.

confession: he’s the only one allowed to tell me to shut up. i trust him to use that privilege and its power with proper discernment.

confession: sometimes i need to be told to shut up because the shit i’m saying on repeat isn’t gonna flip me out of its loop. and…in that case…please shut me up with a kiss.

confession: if i could love you more, i’d do it. i want to love you more. i’m trying to love you more by healing everything that trips me up, shuts me down, triggers my fear, repeats the past.

confession: forgiving you means i have to feel (and then gratefully release) all the pain i’ve been trying to outrun.

confession: because everything out of my mouth is a projection of my beliefs, values, perceptions, and perspective, i pay mindful attention to what i say to you and how i say it. i want to understand you. i want us to truly see, know, and understand each other. but sometimes we have to stop talking and spend more moments trusting the space filled with cuddling quiet love.

confession: i choose my clothes each day either to reflect the way i feel or to consciously change the way i feel. i feel best in a tutu and tank top. i plead, bargain with, and beg myself to never accept the limiting notion that a woman my age (whatever age plus one each year) shouldn’t wear a tutu. tutus equal fluffy happiness spinning in action in my world. please find whatever clothing reflects and amplifies your best feeling state. please wear that clothing as often as possible.



About angel joy

love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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