haiku confessions

confession: as a haiku…
beer plus tequila
equals beerquila, late night
and noon on the sly

confession: i was reading to him from a book of haikus. he mocked me by reading his junk mail in haiku form. his junk mail haikus flowed better than the legitimately published ones. we may have accidentally discovered a niche poetry racket.

confession: facetime overstimulates us…especially during haiku recitations.

confession: i write haikus when i can’t write anything else. anyone can write haiku (or read junk mail aloud in haiku form).

confession: his new song is his best song yet, in spite of lukewarm peer reviews. his gut knows it. my gut knows it. please trust your gut about your art, no matter what your friends say.

confession: half of my favorite people were born in the first 16 days of april. i love celebrating other people’s birthdays. i love loving people with birthday cards and birthday gifts and birthday cocktails and birthday flowers!

confession: i call them asian plums because that’s what we called them when we were kids but we might have made up the name and they are identified as something else. whatever they’re called, i pick them off neighborhood trees and eat them every day in april and may when i go for a run. i’ve added these sweet yellow orbs to my list of things i’m gonna miss when i move to philadelphia.

confession: i went to the ocean last weekend because the ocean is only an hour’s drive from philadelphia. i’ve missed the ocean my entire austin residence. in the near future when i’m missing austin, i’ll get in the car and drive to the ocean for perspective.

confession: i bought a t-shirt at goodwill that says “you’ve CAT to be KITTEN me right MEOW.”

confession: i also bought a philadelphia t-shirt at goodwill in austin, because i heart irony.

confession: i almost bought a skull and crossbones flask, but i already have seven flasks and nobody needs eight flasks. (although, i effortlessly justify needing seven flasks.)

confession: i dare you to do sketch your bravest creative idea in the next 49 seconds. GO!




About angel joy

love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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