questioning everything

question: when do you know it’s time to move on?

answer: when staying isn’t an option.

question: how do you know if a relationship is over?

answer: you probably knew a long time ago.

question: how do you know what you want most?

answer: light pours in and fills you up when you feel the desire.

question: how do you help someone?

answer: be present and listen…then offer what is asked if you can.

question: how do you know when you’re addict?

answer: when you repeatedly, chronically, continually choose your addictive substance/activity over every other healthy choice available.

question: how do you know when your art is good?

answer: doesn’t matter how good your art is if you have to create, if creating makes you feel most alive, if creating feels better (even when it feels worse) than anything else you do.

question: are there stupid questions?

answer: yes, but ask them anyway. question your assumptions. listen to the answers. ask more questions to deepen your understanding. ask questions about what you think you know and why you think you know it. ask if what you think you know is true. ask with a curious mind. ask with a clear heart. ask yourself who you are now.

question: who are you now?

answer: someone different than you were before. let’s explore the wide open spaces and tiny crevices to see what we find.

question: why ask any of these questions?

answer: because things change. you’ve changed. experiences continue to collect each day, each hour, each moment. new data is available. perspectives shift. wisdom grows. change is constant. respect the constantly changing nature of the universe by changing what you think you know by questioning your thoughts, beliefs, assumptions.

question: why?

answer: thank you for asking why. also, what? who? how? which? when?






About angel joy

love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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