varieties of delight

tiny delights: sometimes microscopic…or almost. sometimes requiring a flip of a negative into a positive. for example, finding a nymph deer tick crawling up your arm and squishing it before it attaches for twenty-four hours undetected and gives you lyme disease. finding lost keys in the first place you look. stopping angry words from spewing while pms hormonal and he says something stupid and you roll with it instead of bowling him over.

small delights: the butterfly landing next to you, giving you a nice long flirtatious look reminding you of a stripper working her moves for the five dollars in your hand when you walk up to stage two after she has taken her top off. also, unexpected girl scout cookies delivered with your check at the local joint. wildlife sightings anytime and anywhere. even roadkill counts when it is a humongous porcupine. canceled plans that mean you get to stay home in bed with a book.

large delights: great food, sex, and sleep. as one gets older, stylish-looking comfortable shoes. as one gets lots older, comfortable shoes regardless of style points or ugliness. vacation. a new car.

giant delights: getting a clear cancer-free scan five years later. celebrating others’ happiness–weddings, pregnancies, starting a company, publishing a book, sobriety anniversaries, dumping a deadbeat partner. doing (or feeling) the thing you’ve avoided your whole life because of fear and discovering fear won’t kill you afterall. practicing that thing into mastery.

more tiny delights: flowers growing in cracks in the sidewalk. funny bumper stickers. kid jokes. uplifting graffiti.

more small delights: keeping houseplants alive. petting someone else’s friendly puppy. rainbow sightings. making someone laugh.

more large delights: epiphanies in therapy. understanding oneself or another. forgiving yourself or another.

more giant delights: accepting exactly what is as it is. (also known as peace.) letting go. moving forward. loving more.

i wish you delights of all varieties everyday.

pro tips: actively seeking out delight increases opportunities for delight. sharing your delight with others multiplies delight.


About angel joy

love is an action verb. i live love in action.
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